I am trying to lay a plan out for something to do with the kids each day over Spring Break. They like a little lounging around, but they love to do stuff too & so do I. Tomorrow my dad flies in from Boston for his first visit to the area. He is 78 years old and a retired musician and NEVER been to New Orleans! Here are my tentative plans:

Monday – library – the kids haven’t been there yet & if the weather is good, a walk on the Trace or to the Mandeville’s newest playground. Plans just changed – organized game of air soft shooting with neighborhood kids at 12. UGH! Relax Greta, be flexible, very flexible!
Tuesday – get dad at noon and drag him to the aquarium for a bit after a stop at Cafe’ DuMonde. Drive a bit around the French Quarter.
Wednesday – zoo
Thursday – chill around Mandeville
Friday – movie & crawfish boil at my house (I hope my hubby is reading my blog or else he will be surprised). Maybe I won’t tell him – hehehehe!
Saturday – French Quarter Festival here & here
Sunday – up in the air

Of course, I am the mom who believes and actually make my kids do outdoor playtime every day (I lock the doors and force them out – just kidding). It would be so much easier to turn on the TV & Playstation all day & go about my business (& I do have some). But someone has to be the mean mom that makes them do things! Oh ya, fitting in my writing, laundry, cooking dinner (yuck), housework & yardwork – piece of cake! All suggestions are welcome, remember I am a newbie!