Friday was the first day of the 3 day French Quarter Festival. The weather forecast predicted a cruddy Saturday and Sunday and a beautiful Friday. We arrived about 11 AM on Friday and so did everyone and their Grandmother! Parking problems to start. Well, it wouldn’t have been for me, but hubby was driving. He insisted on the scenic cursing until I find a decent space man thing! With my dad dragging at his usual snail’s pace, we left from the Wyndham Hotel parking lot – 10th floor! FYI – the 3rd floor in the Canal plaza which is adjacent to the garage has a bathroom!

We started out along the river where there were 3 bandstands, booths selling beer, soda, dessert and a few dishes from each restaurant. We had to please the youngest kiddos and my dad – they found pizza. We sat them down to eat while oldest, hubby & myself searched for more tastings. Hubby settled on Muffaletta, son with shaved Prime Rib, and I opted for a chocolate covered cannoli and beer (lunch of champions).

We kept walking until be hit some street performers and then headed to Jackson Square. We sat and enjoyed the music there where we listened to some “old Blue-eyes” music from a great singer with his slightly out of tune band (this from my partially deaf musician dad). Time to walk some more towards Bourbon Street -we couldn’t let dad leave without having actually said he was there. We saw artists along the way, heard tons of music, lots of street performers, stepped into a few art stores & enjoyed 2 fabulous shows.

The first show was a magician who picked my #2 son to be his assistant. He did some phenomenal tricks and was a hoot. We still have no idea how he managed to get a man’s $10 bill with his name written on it out of an orange! Next was the loudest man in the world who was also hysterical. He had #1 son be his assistant and hate to say it, but son stole some of his thunder! A few beers and sun and a walk back to the Canal Place potty & the kids and dad were cooked. Of course, if you start drinking beer at 11 Am, there is a good chance that you will snooze in the car on the drive back to Mandeville (not that I would know anything about that).

Dad’s New Girlfriend (sorry mom)_2son-assistant.JPGAmazing Clarinet Player#1 son assistant
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  1. Greta,
    The photos are great. What color! That is not a great picture of your dad though. Doesn’t do him justice. Hope you took more. Glad you had such a good time.
    Love you,

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