I finally got a chance to meet my newest e-mail, phone pal in person. Her name is Milena Merrill and she runs the blog show for NOLA.com Northshore. I think if you add our energy levels together, the world could possibly explode. I see big things for us together, we are definitely both movers and shakers…watch out world!

As for lunch, I am a pseudo-vegetarian for 27 years now. I don’t eat anything that walked, with the exception of shrimp! Milena suggested the Saigon Grill, which is right around the corner from my house. I had the salmon and white rice with a salad & Milena had a shrimp noodle bowl that looked fabulous. There weren’t any lunch special there – 1 menu – 1 price all day. You can expect to pay at least $12 per person for lunch – not too shabby. My salmon was cooked the way I ordered it and was very tasty!