“Post-Katrina Stress Disorder” is a real thing, not a figment of one’s imagination. I’m not a psychologist, (nor do I play on my blog) just spreading my observations from 3 months of conversing with locals. Let’s just put it this way, my hubby was deployed to Iraq and then to Louisiana after the storm. He was “way” more bothered by what he dealt with in Louisiana than in Iraq. Does that tell you something?

It seems many of the people hit hardest are trying desperately to “take back” their feeling of helplessness as their final home repairs finish up, or even worse, while still swimming in the quagmire of home owner and insurance issues. Empower yourself post-Katrina survivors and roll out the red carpet for the newbies, or at least offer them a beer (I prefer bottled please).

This is where newbies like myself, with a positive attitude (negative people please form a line and go towards Oklahoma) can come in. We didn’t live here during the storm, we didn’t have to go through the horrible insurance nightmares of claims, we don’t have to fix up our house just to make it livable, we didn’t have a FEMA trailer on our lot, we came & continue to come because we seek opportunity and want to make a difference in our own way. “We come in peace!”

So let’s “break bread” or better yet, have a big party New Orleans style and get excited about the future of Lewsiana! “It is what it is” right now, and as time rolls on, it will only get better. The people, with their warm attitudes and traditions of enjoying family, life and community are alive and well. I can honestly say that I feel the NOLA vibe, it is quickly running through my veins (or is that the coffee IV?). Let’s all move forward together, newbies and home-growns! Please don’t forget to include the newbies on the block when you have a party and teach them how to eat crawfish correctly!

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  1. We spoke yesterday in our dry cleaning business, and I had a few minutes this morning to check out your blog. I REALLY enjoyed what I had time to read. I’ll be back! Thanks!

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