The Milblog conference was an enormous success this past weekend. Everything went better than planned for this blogger and our ever-growing group/family. Our “virtual” community is getting noticed and making a difference in the world. We are all proud to know that we aren’t wasting our time, but doing something, no matter how small, to get the word out about the “good stuff” that the mainstream media often overlooks. Not only did I get to visit with old friends and new friends, but was immersed in a group of people that have and continue to move mountains.

As my plane landed at MSY tonight, I had the wonderful feeling of, “I’m home.” My life is fabulous, my family is happy, my husband is retired from the service and is home safely each night.

The absolute highlight of my trip was an afternoon barbecue with the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Their families were there, there were babies and children running around, the dogwood trees were gorgeous and the attitudes of these brave men and women was contagious! These soldiers will never be the same, but continue to inspire those that come in contact with those that meet them.

I have become a Soldier’s Angel this weekend. I guess I was always part of this organization by supporting them and raising money for them. But to tell you the truth, there are so many wonderful military charities out there, it is hard to support them all. The group allowed me to tag along to Walter Reed and hand out donated gifts to the soldiers today while we enjoyed a barbecue. The Angel’s passed out several voice activated laptops today and it was heartwarming to know that the campaign dollars earned are landing in the hands of the most deserving of recipients. No matter if it was a stuck of gum, a conversation with someone or a laptop, these soldiers were happy to be alive and surrounded by generosity and love.

I truly think that Lewsianans are ready to start giving back. I think the community here “gets it” when it comes to even the smallest thing making a difference. What do you say
readers…are you ready to make a difference in the lives of soldiers from the LA that is baaaack?????!!!!!!!

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