I was heading home from one of my “home organizing” (shameless self-promotion) jobs yesterday, when I heard Kaare (pronounced Cori) Johnson, talking on the his local radio show. Yes, I am a huge talk radio geek – I admit it. My 6 yo knows who Neal Boortz is, so that should tell you something. When the question “how do you stay positive in New Orleans?” left his lips, my phone was dialing faster than you could say “Po Boy.”

We had a really cool exchange on the phone and I really appreciate his voice and advocacy for the “betterment” (new word, I just made up) of the place he calls home. His soapbox is so much bigger than my blog, but you gotta try to make a difference in your own little way. As a newbie arriving with my glass always “half-full” approach to my new life on the Northshore, I may have put a little kink in his platform for the day. He talked about how bad the traffic on the Northshore is “now”. Well, when you grew up in the Boston area, it really doesn’t seem that bad and I didn’t live here before 2007 so I have nothing to compare it to! I’m not looking through rose colored glasses (they don’t sell them at the dollar store), I don’t know about the golf-course removed to make room for a “big box” store. Getting on the complaining (kvethcing) bandwagon doesn’t do anything for me, instead I like to be a problem solver.

You see, this mom living in Mandeville isn’t complaining about things that “are what they are.” Instead, I am enjoying the area and will focus on things that I do have future control over. Buleeeev you & me, you don’t want to piss me off! As for Kaare’s last question about how I continue to stay positive, that was simple. I spent this past Sunday Walter Reed hospital in DC. Soldier’s Angels sponsored a barbecue for wounded soldiers and their families. When you hear a 20 year old boy joking about how he can now buy shoes at 50% off because one leg was missing, that puts it all into perspective!!!

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  1. I think my children need a break from talk radio. I recently received a new car as a christmas present and the car is loaded with XM Radio. Horray for Channel 74, the Bluevilles. Got one for Uncle Milty and he has not listened to talk radio since……THANK GOD!!!!

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