1. click here
2.click on the Missississippi Gulf Outlet MRGO
3. zoom out & there you have the “levee in question” Notice the boat sitting in the water – that doesn’t make sense!!! update: click on the interactive map option if you can’t see the zoom option

Now if you zoom in & get the picture without the “other side” you are easily confused!

My theory is that the lovely “eroding levee” that the author claims, doesn’t make sense at all. I know this much, when you build a levee – you get the earth from somewhere nearby “a borrow pit.” What Mr. Bea is claiming is an eroding levee, is in fact on the wrong side – he is pointing out pictures of a “borrow pit” and claiming that the levees are eroding. Dang right the “borrow pit” is eroding – you have to get the stuff (in real technical terms) from somewhere nearby!!!! (I feel like Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinnie.”)

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  1. I don’t understand your confusion or question of the picture. I guess I need a little more background story? I did as you said and looked and zoomed and yes I saw a boat.

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