Mandeville Elementary School had a fantabulous themed day today, “Louisana Day.” Each 3rd grade classroom decorated a t-shirt with Mardi Gras bead designs and a different medallion stamped on it. My son’s class had Tabasco sauce & chili peppers hanging from the painted beads – way cute!

The rain didn’t even damper the afternoon one bit – just moved it inside. I came in while the kids were being entertained by Papillion. I got more out of it than the kids (I’m a big kid). He had the kids singing, dancing, telling them Cajun history and talking about the unique Louisiana culture.

After the performance, the kids were fed Jambalaya, Zappo’s chips, pecan pralines, local soda pop and sent back to the classroom to eat. I had to duck out so I could buy #2 son a CD for his birthday this weekend. I chatted with Papillion for a while & I shared my newbie enthusiasm for the area and culture, while he shared his internal enthusiasm and love for his home. He has only been back to NOLA for 2 weeks since the storm – and not a second too soon! He launches his new CD this Saturday at Playville (FYI Playville- need a koala Webkinz) in Mandeville if you want to meet him and get his autograph.

Papillion gained a new fan today and I learned something about my new surroundings, home. He also donates a CD to a displaced New Olreanean child for each CD purchased! Yo hablo espanol un pequito. No hablo Cajun!
img_1625.JPGMy Son’s teacher Miss Markel joining in
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