I had to share the anarchy of my night at Pelican Park f with y’all. First let me start off saying, this is the nicest and most well run and kept ball park I have been to in all my travels. Son # 1 was taking the mound at 5:45 – sharp. The only problem was – with all the paving on Florida Road and only one way to get there – most of the other team wasn’t there yet! I left 1/2 hour early to go 3 miles if that tells you anything!

Now, I’m not a weather guru, but I would assume that LA gets a lot of lightning. I would also assume (you know the acronym, need I spell it out?) that umpires in this region are familiar with lightning during a ball game. For 2 hours the game was on, off, on, off, on and yes…we lost big time. Here is where my warped sense of humor comes to play:

“Kids, quickly get off the field, there is lightning coming. Just go sit on them there metal bleachers with your cleats and holding your metal bat. That way you’ll be much safer.”