OK – this is going to be some type of bleg (blog beg) this morning. I REALLY REALLY REALLY (get the point?) want a header designed by a LOCAL!!! I mean come on, this is New Orleans (and that included the outreach of the whole state), the art mecca of the world! I have been peddling my vision from gallery to gallery in the French Quarter asking artists if I could use even a tiny clip of their artwork to make my header unique. I would feature a different artist in the header and it would link back to them. It is a win win for all of us. I get a little eye candy on my blog and it links back to them and we all enjoy a little extra exposure. Dang – plan B!

I tried a contest and ZERO responses that I would love love love (get that point?) a LOCAL (LA person) to design Kiss My Gumbo .com (the words) in an artsy manner that screams New Orleans and becomes as easily identifiable as the fleur de lis (hey a girl can dream big…right?). The logo would be permanent on my blog, I would put a little blurb about the artist and link to them – win win! Dang – please NOLA, don’t fail me and make me go to plan C…you will not like plan C!

As for the snark – I want to come up with a series of G-rated snarky Kiss My Gumbo shirts with my newly designed artsy Kiss My Gumbo.com logo. I think I have enough snark in my back pocket, but fresh snarky ideas are always welcome!!!
(c/p at NOLA.com)