The front of is littered (pun intended) with “trash” problem pictures again. Sounds like someone cares and no, an overflowing garbage can isn’t exactly a tourist enticement. Then again, neither is a nasty bathroom or a pungent odor. I am not being negative, nope, just glad people are addressing issues that may prevent any tourist from coming to this fabulous place. Speaking of trash, we get our shed today and hopefully our driveway will no longer be referred to as “the eye-sore” in the neighborhood. Glad my driveway didn’t make the front page of the paper and fugetabout garbage day here – our can runneth over! I know my humor is somewhere between the Margarita glass from last night and the bottom of my first cup of coffee right now -UGH! Where is that caffeine IV needle when you need it? Have a fantabulous Saturday!