Remember that “your chocolate is in my peanut butter” commercial? Get your mind out of the gutter – because that is what I was referring to with the title!

The Perry family launched the “Kiss My Gumbo” (formerly “Kitty Dreams”) at the Madisonville ramp, for the first time since we moved to LA. The lake was looking a little choppy, so we thought the river option might be our best bet. FYI – limited parking on the free ramp and another FYI – don’t drink & try to steer the boat on to the trailer while your hubby yells at you to straighten it out!

Anyhoo, we set off about 12:30 for a lunch and afternoon of sun and boating. I was not – I repeat NOT going to drink today. But dang – sun, boating, not having to drive (except for getting the boat back on the trailer) and a few cool ones just make sense – like chocolate & peanut butter!

We followed the crowd out towards the Lake and saw a ton of boats parked on the beach – yes – the LAKE BEACH!!! The kids were too excited to go play & after a space finally cleared – we pulled in. The kiddos were off frolicking in the water (killing each other) while hubby and I held down the fort of beers and snacks. Then…dun dun dunnnnn….comes the Wave Runner St Tammany Police right next to us. Everyone originally thought they were picking on us because we are still registered in Oklahoma – D’OH – but we were just the first inspection. Nope – we did not have flares & got a warning for that – otherwise – A-OK – drunk me & all!

One fella farther down theboat inspection line borrowed our extinguisher for his inspection – but we couldn’t stay ALL day until he got inspected. Sorry pal!

We had a blast and we can’t wait to go out on the Kiss My Gumbo again. I would love to get a boat slip so I can take the boat out during the weekdays without having to launch it…(anyone want to lend a newbie a slip?).

The whole fam damily had their share of sun and since our arrival home has got the brackish Tchefuncte smell off them! WE LOVE LOUISIANA!!!!!

The Tchefuncte Beach
Our beach pals!
R’uh R’oh!
“Yes my wife is normally this obnoxious.”

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