It seems Mayor Nagin’s office is making some PR efforts to help NOLA. Buhleeve you & me, I would love to think of him without the photoshopped Wonka hat – really I would! If he has done anything right (& I’m sure he has) since the storm – it ain’t making the news!

Listen up Louisiana, I moved here because I can read between the sensationalized negative media headlines!!! I don’t want to be beating my positive attitude (contained in my head) into a brick wall – help me out – spread the Kiss My Gumbo positive gospel!!! If I did beat my head into a wall, I would have to Vlog (video blog) the act and it wouldn’t be pretty-trust me! Don’t make me do it NOLA, LA, Northshore, LA lovers! Help the pitiful newbie!!!

New Orleans Online is headed in the right (positive )direction, Kiss My Gumbo is headed the same way (hint hint PR firms), Brad & Angelina are helping out & is working very hard to make things happen too. Heck, anything that is negative and making headlines needs to be smooshed out by positive PR & fercryingoutloud NOLA/LA – FIX THE DANG PROBLEMS!!! (crime, schools not making the grade, insurance, blaming everyone and their Grandmother for everything, me having the kids at home all summer-gotcha)

Be positive NOLA – even a caveman could do it! But, if you can’t find a caveman, you are welcome to share my contagious attitude. Heck forward my blog address to all the people you send junk mail to every day!
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