We had a blast heading out to on the river late in the afternoon yesterday. We had some friends with us and we drove farther North than we previously had driven (this was only our 2nd time). Son #1 wanted to find the “rope swing” he had heard about. He saw it, he examined it from afar and then he decided he needed to see someone else use it before he ventured a try. We were stopped once on the way North by the boat police. They checked to make sure we had enough life jackets and registration. Then later, as hubby was heading South towards the beach we got pulled over again. No – we did not see the tiny sign planted in the ground that said “NO WAKE ZONE.” The newbie thing got us a pass – this time. Let me tell you – these boat police mean business. I appreciate what they are doing – making boating safer for all of us. I might have to call this effort “overkill.” But hey, it is better than another death on the lake. As for us, we need to register the boat and trailer in Louisiana – chaching… Yep, I sucked a few cool ones down and enjoyed the beauty of the river & its’ surroundings.

Now it is Sunday and the weather is gorgeous and I have to face evil housework!!! Save me!!!img_1699.JPG