I loooooove writing and esp. love blogging. Why? Because it is my free therapy and I just blurt stuff out & at the very least my mother reads it and laughs. I must say I am easily amused as once in a while I go back in my archives and read stuff I wrote & laugh out loud (my husband says I am a weirdo & juvenile & I nod in agreement). I’m going to blog no matter what. Sometimes I need a little extra encouragement…this is where you come in (BIG HINT). I don’t seek fame and fortune (though fortune would be nice), but I do seek readership. So please tell all your friends about this blog and how it is worth 2 minutes out of their day! I’m blegging (blog beg) you! I cross-post most my stuff from Kiss my gumbo.com to NOLA.com so it gets more exposure. Sign up for it in your in-box at least!

Off for a nice day on the boat again. I won’t even say I won’t drink this time and then do it. I’m just going to say I will be enjoying cold ones as the sun beats down on me and hubby is in charge of the boat & guiding it back on to the trailer at the end of the day. Tipsy boat steering does not work for me! I LOVE LOUISIANA and everything it has to offer. As for my hurricane preparedness – get the animals & kids in the car & drive – sounds like a good plan!!!!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Load everyone up and head north on 55 and Crystal Springs is just north of Brookhaven and just south of Jackson. 8.5 acres of woods, garden, flowers and dog and cat poo poo…LOL…

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