This morning I woke the little monsters up early. Why wake sleeping children – isn’t that breaking every law known to civilization? Well, it is hot here – it is summer in the South dagnabbit. The mommy-van maxed out at 105 by noon. Does that tell you something? I planned a Slidell excursion for today. I want to love that community as much as I love mine. West & East St Tammany seem to be both searching for the proverbial glass slipper and the other is left with the label of “step-sister.” As far as I am concerned, Slidell has a lot going for it – esp. shopping (cha-ching) and I will have to award each of them a slipper and call it a day.

Anyhoo back to my day- it is much quicker (really only by about 10 minute- but please don’t tell my kids that) to head to Slidell and shop than it is heading over Lake Pontchatrain. Where was I…oh ya….Slidell and the super wooden playground the kids eyed during our previous journey to Slidell. Ten minutes and #1 son realized it was too small for him (bummer) and the others started complaining they were hot. I swear – sometimes they need to head to Weenie Hut Central (for all you Spongebob fans).

They had beignets on the brain as we passed “Beignet Station” directly in front of the playground. It is housed in a an old train depot that really gives it character. What a wonderful treat this place was. #2 son (the one that will be attending a 12 step beignet program someday) rated the mini beignets as THE BEST he has had since our arrival. He said he would rather go to Beignet Station than Cafe DuMonde. We had fun while we were there too. This is no – hurry up and eat and drink atmosphere – it is the kick back on a cushy chair or stool, play chess (missing 2 pieces – ugh) or checkers, read the paper, enjoy your coffee and beignets, and plug in your computer and stay a while atmosphere. Dang- left my laptop at home.

Me – the coffee addict, was already overly-caffeinated and decided to do the world a favor and pass on another cup. Knowing I would be posting about this place, I stopped and spoke to a couple trying to relax (sorry) and had to ask them about the coffee. They said it is much better than Cafe DuMonde…which means….I’ll be back. As for the cruel kids, the couple handed me a napkin and told me to use it before I headed off to Sam’s (spend too much money) Club. Yep – I was covered with powdered sugar and the kids didn’t say a word! If I had a huge snot – they would publicly announce it – but noooooo don’t tell mom that she looks like she rolled in powdered sugar!
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  1. It is like it happened overnight! This morning I walked outside to let the dog out and could barely breathe! The humidity is here! We went to the zoo last night for the Zoobiliation and were sweating like crazy. Now, it wasn’t so bad temperature wise, but it was sure humid.
    Thankfully there was a breeze!

    Welcome to the great humid season of good ole’ LOOOUUUWWWWEEEEZZIANA!

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