Now I enjoy shopping and spending money as much as the next person (maybe even a little more). One thing I loathe, is wasting money. But, the Brighton purse I just ordered is money well spent (right hubby-see picture below). So you see, I have a little problem with the PR firm being hired by the Mayor’s office for the tune of $100K (more info here). First off, even considering an outside firm seems ridicalicalicalous. We are trying to build up the area – hire within. Surely someone in this state can handle PR? Then there is the goal of this money: reaching out to evacuees. Now really, if someone hasn’t returned for personal reasons – 100K in PR isn’t going to help. What? Hand them a brochure that says everything is fine and dandy – drop your current life & return? I can think of ways to spend that money much better. How about 2 more full time police or firefighters? How about a raise across the board for teachers? I guess I would rather NOLA take the “if we build it correctly…they will come attitude” than the “come here because we miss you attitude.”

Heck Mayor Nagin, give me the 100K and I will shower the local merchants with it as I buy a few things. Better yet, pay me and me alone and I guarantee I can do more positive PR from my laptop in Mandeville than a firm outside of Louisiana who “doesn’t get it, live it, touch it or feel it.”