When we moved to Mandeville, for the first time we didn’t have to search for a dry cleaners that pressed BDUs (fatigues to the rest of the world). After trying a few, we stumbled upon Premier Cleaners aka $1.89. We are very happy with the service and the price. It is a mom and pop place, run by Cindy & Randy Harris- long time locals. When I talk about genuine Louisiana people with hard work ethics and kind souls – they exemplify that. Sending a little business to some dear people never hurt anybody. So give them a try and say hi to Cindy & Randy (who are always there). If you say “Kiss my Gumbo” sent me – you might even get a kiss! Also, if you have a lazy teen who needs to get off the couch and get a job – they are hiring!

Location (in my best newbie directions): From 190 exit – one the East side on the access road past the parking lot with the Marina place that has boats outside, past DMV, past the Chinese buffet, in the strip mall with George’s. Coming from the causeway – you are on your own – still haven’t figured out how to explain that yet. In the rest of the world – the access roads CONNECT!!!!
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2 Replies to “Premier Cleaners $1.89”

  1. Greta,

    Oh, you’re too sweet! Thanks! Also, thanks for designing our wonderful MonaVie display! Our customers love it – so breezy and refreshing! The fliers you came up with for our counter tops are the best! You are a soooo artistic!

    Thanks again,

    Premier Cleaners

  2. Yay for Premier Cleaners! (Hi Cindy, I’m the one with the little 3 year old curly-hair boy – yeah, THAT one!)
    The customer service cannot be beat. Nor can the prices. I hail from the “other” LA where the typical cost per piece of clothing is $5! So, thanks again!

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