We have friends visiting and we decided to meet up with hubby for lunch. I asked my buddy for some “kid friendly” suggestions “down by the river” (for all you SNL fans). She suggested O’Henry’s on Carrollton because they have a kid’s menu and good food. It worked out perfectly – we sat upstairs and opted for the indoor seating as it was over 100 even in the shade! The kids all got the standard kid’s food and I got the yummiest thing: a shrimp wrap sandwich with peanuts and crunchy noodles, lettuce and tomato. The prices were reasonable and we really liked the menu. We had 6 kids with us and they all behaved (a miracle) and ate all their food (except for my daughter who almost fell asleep in her catsup). We’ll be baaaaack!
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  1. Hi — I’m glad you and the kids enjoyed your lunch at O’Henry’s. It’s not a bad choice if you have six kids with you, since it’s kind of noisy and dim and of course serves chicken nuggets and fries. Next time you and the gang are in the neighborhood, you might want to try the Camellia Grill, just steps away from O’Henry’s, where you sit at an old-fashioned lunch counter and are served by entertaining, friendly, longtime waiters. It is a real institution in not just the Riverbend but the city. There is also Cooter Brown’s for raw oysters and poboys (and pool tables) and while it is a bar, you can bring kids during the day. I’m sure you’ll be going to the zoo soon (although we avoid it in summer, in favor of the air-conditioned aquarium) and if you do, you should eat first because the zoo food (ice cream, hot dogs, fries) is truly unexceptional (are you listening, Ron Forman??).

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