By the time I woke my 3 kids and the 3 visiting kids and got them out the door….it was 9:30. Ugh! I hate wasting a morning. My plan, get a big breakfast and head to the aquarium, followed by a light lunch or snack. First stop,

    Country Kitchen

at 2109 Florida Ave (map attached – good idea readers). This breakfast and lunch joint (6:30-3:00 M-Sat) is hidden behind construction. Please don’t ignore them while they have to suffer behind dump trucks – go in and get some eats! I asked the kids to review the place for me and this is what I got:
* way faster and better than Islop
* even though no kids menu – plenty of small things to choose from
* great and friendly service
* all the orders were correct and served at the same time
* mean Greta/mom didn’t let them get anything but water while she enjoyed coffee
* $30 for 7 people and full tummies not too bad
* we need to bring Dad here – he will love it!

Next stop – the aquarium. Why do I always go to the parking lot that isn’t complimentary? (one of these days I’ll learn) $12 later…. I wasn’t banking on getting my guests in for free with my family pass- but I did. Either the cashier took pity on me because I was the only adult with 6 kids or I didn’t read the pass right. Not complaining here- nope- not one bit! There were field trips there but it wasn’t crowded. My guests were mesmerized with the white alligator and we spent about 2 hours in the place.

We are hungry! Ugh again! Thanks Jenny for suggesting the Food Court at Jackson Square. I let them split pizza and drinks $21 and they were happy. We poked around the stores in the square and then on the way back to the car, we were miraculously sucked in to Kite Tales and Toys. I have to admit – I love this store as much as the kids. Cha-ching cha-ching – need I say more?
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