I fess up, I have 3 kids well out of diapers & never heard of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. That is…until the other night at #1 son’s baseball game. I’m chatting away and somehow the subject of this miracle potion comes up. I can’t stop laughing at the name and even better…laughing at all the things this lady and her family use it for on a regular basis. The sad part is, that Katrina flooded their warehouse. I heard rumors that it has moved out of state and changed hands as well (I’ll get “cracking” on that investigation and get to the “bottom” of it)! Anyhoo, I may have to go buy me some of this just for yucks!
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  1. It is so refreshing to read something upbeat about the New Orleans area. I get depressed reading the Times Picayune. Thanks for reminding me why I love living here. Here is something I found at Sav-a-Center for you to check out: “Chocolate City” ice cream. It’s chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips. There’s a Fleur de Lis on the carton.

  2. I live in Pittsburgh, PA when my first was born and my daughter had this awful rash. I remember the doc telling me to get this B word butt paste. ( I couldn’t pronouce the name as midwesterners don’t really have Bourdreaux type names up there!) Anyhow, she told me it was available almost anywhere. Well, needless to say I went everywhere and asked many pharmacists and no one knew what the heck I was talkling about!
    So we move here and HELLO! it is in every dang store in town. I buy some and look on the back and see it is made right here in Covington! I then recall that my doc had an LSU diploma in her office. That explains everything!

    After moving here I started sending to all my friends out of state having babies as a gift!

  3. Hi Girl, we just returned from a great week in Cancun, sun and a lot of drinking. While we were in Cancun, I saw this company on someones t-shirt and a hand bag, original thought is was joke, but I was wrong!!! Oh by the way, loved your big city NOLA for 2 hours on Saturday!!!! Landed, sat at the gate and saw a movie, then left for Houston to get to El Paso

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