What can I say – but that was the best $2 (with coupon) I have spent in a long time. We had a blast at the UCM Museum (5 miles North of I-12) in Abita Springs . The curator, John Preble couldn’t be nicer and more patient as the 6 kids poked around his gift store and touched everything for an hour! I won’t tell you too much more, but tell you that if you haven’t seen it – GO! Fun for all ages!!!
img_1755.JPG“the Gatorlope is real – I saw it with my own eyes” img_1752.JPG“wall o’ bottles”

After about 2 hours in the museum – of course, everyone was STARVING . Dang kids always requiring food. We stopped in front of the Abita Brew Pub and saw the menu – not for these buggers and I would have to have at least one beer there….keep driving. Lot’s of “I’m so hungry I need to eat NOW.” OK – so we stopped at the Camellia Cafe’ (not far North off I-12) – first question – do they have a children’s menu – yep! Bingo! Everything on the kid’s menu was $5 and I didn’t let them order sodas – extra. I got a Caesar salad with grilled tuna for $10 – yummy! If you want authentic New Orleans atmosphere and don’t want to drive to the city – this is it! Art everywhere, tables, bathrooms (kids were amazed), walls, bar stools, music…what more could you want? Why did I have to face the bar – no I refrained! Renee’ our server was great and the kids all loved it!

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  1. We really like Camelia Cafe too, but the pictures did not really show how bright and cheerful it is. It has a very pleasant atmosphere all around.

    I really love receiving these emails every day, and learning about my community without having had the time to get out there myself. You are wonderful!

    Cindy Harris

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