No sillies – not evacuation buses. I have been working hard to make things happen – but at the same time – the opportunities in Louisiana seem endless! I have been on a good luck streak since we moved here in January and hope it never ends. Ya- S*%T happens – and it will -but the positive energy seems to be taking over this ordinary housewife domestic goddess. If Dr. Phil asked, “is that working for you?” I would have to give a big happy YES!

Anyhoo, here is some more good news:
1. I have cold Abita Beer in the fridge
2. bathrooms are clean
3. pool is content with $200 worth of chemicals and its’ new $350 repaired Polaris – YIKES!
4. Soldiers Angels is getting much more LA participants since the LA website was launched – yippee for the soldiers!
5. I am going to be on the radio on Friday the 13th (still good luck for me) with Andre Trevigne from 12:00-1:00 on WRNO 99.5 FM. LISTEN!!! CALL!!! I am so excited I may have to go reach for a cold one to calm me down.
6. 4 more days until the whole fam damily drives off to Rodent World (Mickey’s pad) and cruise.
7. 2 more days until my mom comes to house sit for the 5 cats and dog while we go on vacation.
8. 2 more minutes before I celebrate with that cold beer!
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