* I want thisnetsurfer1_48.jpg sooooo bad I am frothing at the mouth!
* Don’t make me photoshop this Louisiana. Can you guess where I am going with this one?logo_tender_vits.jpg
* Harry Potter was awesome on IMAX
* 3 more days until vacation. What the heck was I thinking – sure – I’ve been home all summer with the kids – so just for the sake of spending $$$$$ -let’s pile in the van and drive 12 hours to Rodent World. Oh ya – don’t forget to finish all laundry & ironing and packing before we leave. Calgon – take me away!
* The picture above is from an artist I adore – Shano. Go check her out! She lives in Washington – but I know Louisianans won’t hold that against her!

3 Replies to “Thursday Jambalaya”

  1. Greta,

    I have tried for two days to go to you hooahwife.com web site, and it just will not let me go to it. It says that it needs to go online to find a program to open it. I have tried on my apple and my pc, and don’t have a clue what the hell is wrong, but thought I would let you know. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem or not.

    P.S. Have fun on vacation. I promise I am coming to see you once I get out of this cast.

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