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CLARIFICATION: The chimps were in NO way insulting – I just thought they were cute:)
I was honored to be included in a meeting of the minds, round-table style discussion today. I must have fooled somebody who thought I might have something intelligent to say. But, I had on a new dress (thanks Prima Donna’s closet) so that was a good enough reason to escape from the monsters for a few hours and spend time with adults. This discussion was comprised of about 15-20 (I didn’t count – I was too excited) quality business and non-profit working locals representing the greater New Orleans area, Bob Christopher the station manager from 995 FM, quite a few of 99.5’s fantabulous staff (Amy, David & more) & yours truly (the NKOTB with the big L on her forehead). I gotta hand it to the station – this is a brilliant angle to take. They are conducting this round-table to gather input from the community, bounce ideas in the room & help others connect to make New Orleans strong again. Now, I’m not just plugging 99.5 because they have invited me on the air twice now (we’ll get to that later), I’m plugging them because this is an honest effort to reach out and better the community!!! I think everyone I sat with today was already on the positive train (scroll down for that post). I felt lots of positive energy and the urge to stand up on the table and scream – THIS PLACE IS GREAT. I know, if I did that I might not be invited back into the Clear Channel building – in fact they would probably post my picture on the door as one of the people not to let in the building.

* nyw031.jpgAbsolut is absolutely cooler than ever. Right now – this very minute – there exists a special bottle of vodka that will disappear very soon (and for those who can appreciate this out-of-state humor, it can be found at K-Mart). Very cool that Absolut is donating $2 million of the sales back to the city itself (first time they ever partnered with a city). Now if I can only get Abita Beer to make a “Soldiers’ Angels Ale”…..

* No takers yet on the “Tucker can’t afford me” t-shirts….anyone…anyone….Beuhler…Beuhler?

* 169732072_c77c427170.jpg FRIDAY from 12-2, yours truly, will be on-air with Andre’ Trevigne for the NEW VIEUX! That is 99.5 FM from 12-2. I am not sure if I will be invited back every week, so in the spirit of shameless self-promotion bettering the show – WRITE TO THE STATION MANAGER bobchristoper@clearchannel.com and tell him your thoughts on the show and what I add to it.

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  1. Greta,
    I will miss the first hour because of an appointment but I will be sure to tune in the latter half. Have fun. I LOVE Andre!

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