“I think people can take some comfort in knowing that it was a random act of violence,” said Sgt. Joe Narcisse, and NOPD spokesman.

Now I admit I am no kool-aid drinker and am skeptical of every story and want to know the other side. Anything said or written in the media can quickly be taken out of context. So I add the rest of the quote here.

“I think the residents will tell you that the neighborhood is pretty safe, it’s rare to have crime in this neighborhood, especially violent crime.”

This quote bothered me all day yesterday and again today. What I would have said was this…

” Every loss of life in this great city deeply saddens and hurts us all. It is time we take back our city New Orleans and prevent any more senseless murders from occurring. We need to clean up the drugs in our city, get rid of the “gangs”, give children hope and purpose for the future. So please join us in creating a NOLA ambassador program, citizens of this great city. We will create a program so great that the goal will be for EVERY resident – permanent and temporary, Northshore, or anyone within a 30 mile radius to proudly wear a pin and hold a certificate that they are a “New New Orleans Ambassador.” Once they receive certification, their name will be added to a database list kept by the tourism bureau. We will start immediately to get this program going and will include on the planning committee: 1 teacher from an inner city high school, 1 teacher from an inner city middle school, 1 parent of a victim of a 2007 murder, 1 sibling under 18 of a victim of a 2007 murder, 1 drug rehabilitation counselor, 1 former addict, 1 youth services leader, 1 elderly victim of crime, 5 children chosen as leaders by their principals representing grades 8-12, 4 college students, 1 emergency room doctor, 1 emergency room nurse, & 1 school bus driver.

These 20 citizens will be given 6 weeks to formulate a plan for certifying people and putting them through this program so that they will proudly wear a pin, funded from the Mayor’s office. This group will meet once a week for the 6 weeks, and twice a month after that. The meeting will be closed to the public but be shown on public access cable. These 20 citizens will serve on this committee for either 3 or 6 month terms and will be rotated out in shifts at the beginning so as no more than 6 new faces stay in power for any amount of time. The committee will have a casual format and the moderators will be chosen on a random basis and the group will form its’ own committees.

All schools, libraries, youth program centers, homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers, drug and alcohol clinics will offer certifications on a monthly basis.

We will take back our own city New Orleans. The future of this city depends on me and you! No more crime and senseless killings!”

~Greta Perry big dreamer and problem solver~

cross-posted at NOLA.com