clarification: woe is the pity woe but whoa went better with NOLA – so there – how you like de’em apples?
Poor me, poor us, it will never change here, it can only get worse, it’s …..’s fault, you don’t understand, the culture is what it is, there are 2 faces of NOLA and that won’t change, rich and poor is the difference, educated and uneducated, have and have-nots, black and white, corruption yada yada yada……

Do me a freaking favor citizens of NOLA – stop griping and whining, stop the defeatest attitude – you have it good despite how horrible you think you have it!!! Nothing will change with these crappy attitudes. I’m all for the “if you are going to be the negative one in the room – please leave.” If you feel the need to stay & make a difference – stay! If you keep whining – nobody will hear you after a while. There are more problems in the world besides you and your situation. The beauty is, you have the freedom to make decisions. If you choose to make lousy ones – your fault! Nobody owes you – nobody is keeping you down, nobody is you but you! If you don’t like it – change it!

I have lived here almost 7 months now. Each day I awake looking for opportunities and ways looking to better the community in which I chose to raise my children in. Yes, I live on the Northshore.
No, we are not rich.
Yes, I wanted to live in the city if we could have afforded it.
Yes, I believe that public education can work and my kids have never gone to private school.
Yes, I prefer a multi-colored town and area as opposed to a wonder bread white one.
Yes, I welcome a melting pot.
Yes, I embrace the Hispanic community moving to capitalize on opportunities. Se habla espanol.
Yes, I think that leadership is a problem here.
Yes, I think one person can make a difference.
Yes, I think people here are traumatized with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Yes, I think new & fresh blood to the area will be one of the ways for the city and state to rejuvenate itself and grow strong.
Yes, I believe New Orleans is the anchor of the state.

Now that I’ve bashed my positive mantra into the keyboards of the computer over and over – please tell me I am making a difference! Please tell me each of us can make a difference – TALK TO ME!!!!!

3 Replies to “Whoa is NOLA!”

  1. I try to live by “A SMILE SETS EVRYTHING STRAIGHT” but the NOLA truth is “MISERY ENJOYS COMPANY” and (plain-ol’-citizen to NOLA leader) “YOU CAN LEAD A JACKASS TO WATER BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT DRINK”. Which thats my que to say VOTE MRS. PERRY FOR EVERYTHING-LEADERSHIP….YOU WON’T REGRETA IT! 🙂 P.S. Now that is a cute Tshirt! Have a great week!

  2. Well thank Shay – cute slogan. I was thinking more along the lines of “Greta for Guvna.” Sometimes I amuse myself though. Back to laundry and the reality that is my life – domestic goddess!

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