OMG ROTFL – for those of you non-geeks OMG = Oh my gosh ROTFL= rolling on the floor laughing. Anyhoo, I get the mail today and start skimming through a small locally run paper with a few articles & ads called Southern Homestead: Northshore Edition , because – you never know what you will find. Well, was I ever excited when I stumbled upon a treasure, about the funniest spoof advertisement I had ever seen! This should get an award – because it is…well… priceless.
The ad says “Grand opening of Jumbo Jim’s.” There is a profile picture of a dude’s fat stomach wearing a tank top. Oh wait it gets better:

Does the little woman constantly nag you about getting into shape? Do you often wish there was a place for you to get away from all that nagging – a workout center that puts your personal comfort first? At Jumbo Jim’s you can workout at your own pace. We have a couple of treadmills around for appearances, but there’s no reason to jump right into a rigorous exercise routine. Relax on one of our large overstuffed sofas and watch one of our 10 high-definition plasma TV’s. For our monthly membership fee of $30, it’s cheaper than having cable TV in your home.

* Casual Workout
* daily all you can eat buffet
* 10 HD Plasma TVs & XBOX
* Reclinacycles (relax and leave the pedaling to us)
* our “healthy” house brew
* and a couple of treadmills

The first 50 members to join get:
Our official sleeveless 3X t-shirt*Two 5-pound weighted remotes*30 days FREE on vibrating ReclinaCycle*20 tokens for the Coke machine

Someone put a bunch of work into this – thank you – you made my day!
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  1. Sounds like something you’d see on “Blue Collar TV” – I wonder if this place is anywhere near the “International House of Gravy”.

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