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  1. Greta! So young, yet so cynical! Of course politicians in Louisiana deserve most of the caustic remarks, but there are a few outstanding folks that we are lucky to have. One of them is Mert Smiley, who represents the area where I live, and is a member of my Rotary Club. He is an honest straight shooter, and he says what feels, even though he sometimes stands alone. We need to elect more folks like Mert (and maybe like you!) who not only care about Louisiana, but aren’t afraid to take the right stand.

    So my advice is to bash the elected folks who deserve it, and support those who deserve to be supported.
    Good luck with this blog, and your future here!


  2. Gasper – Me cynical? no just dripping with sarcasm! I know there are good folks out there and honest and politician can go in the same sentence (on rare occasions). But don’t you think it might be better to start fresh and get rid of the “ole-boys” network? At least in NOLA??? Big hooah to Mr. Smiley

    “A public-opinion poll is no substitute for thought.”
    ~Warren Buffett~

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