Well…. at least I’m fessing up to it. Nah – can’t lie – no good at it (would make a lousy politician). Anyhoo, I know you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting for the results of the survey I posted about on Wednesday. I know I told you that I would tell you the result on Friday. Since Saturday is a slow blogosphere day – I’ll leave you in suspense until then. Maybe I’ll actually get more readers that way (*cough*). Hey – please tell your friends about me (hint hint).

Besides – tomorrow is the first day of school (happy dance)l!! Uniforms clean and laid out, notes with telephone numbers to all teachers written out, checks for the cafeteria and supplies all packed and labeled! Dang – back to school is a ton of work. Normally I would enjoy my days sitting my dead butt on the couch eating bon-bons, watching my stories, while Ramon the Pool Boy and the maid hustle about. But, with all this school preparation – it actually felt like work without the paycheck today!

While the monsters angels are attending their first day of jail school, yours truly is going on a real field trip. I mean it – seriously . This field trip is sooooo super-top secret that it requires clearance to enter the gates. I would have to shoot you if I told you about it now. Of course, I’ll tell you about it afterwards. I’m a blogger. Yes, people have to tell me things with the, “please don’t blog this or are you going to blog about this” in the conversation. Again…leaving you in suspense until Saturday (ELI = evil laugh inserted for you non-geeks). You know that saying “how do you leave and idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow.” Of course, I am NOT saying that anyone who reads this blog is an idiot, but actually are superior intellectual human beings (gotta butter you up so you’ll come back- after I insulted you).

When I get back from my super-secret field trip I know I’ll be flooded with comments that criticize me for making you wait until Saturday for the 411 – but I promise to take pictures. That has to count for something!

Did I mention that I love Louisiana? The land of opportunity!!!!
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