Last week I had a long talk with my “boss” (hey Jon Donley) at NOLA.com. Actually, I am only a freelance blogger for them, but hey – that is pretty cool! I get to say I am a “Professional Blogger.” We talked a bunch about agendas: NOLA.com, journalism in general, politicians, bloggers & my agenda. I am so pleased that my voice, both written and verbal, has been heard and welcomed so much in the past 6 months. Sure, some things are happening because I made them happen, others because of all the opportunity in Louisiana and others by sheer luck! Honestly, 6 months ago my agenda was to get settled here – period!

I started Kiss My Gumbo because I thought I had to justify to others the good things that were going on in the area. Just like 3 years ago when I began Hooah Wife (my first blog) to combat and share the news that is not covered on a regular basis and share my own views on the war. If one person changes their outlook on Louisiana because of me – I’ve done something right!

Jon told me that I have found my voice on Kiss My Gumbo, which to a blogger, is a HUGE compliment. I guess my agenda is to continue to live my new life in Louisiana, with my positive outlook. Good things keep coming my way and I can’t ever let negativity get to me again (I had a short stint of it last year). I always dream big & my mind never shuts down (dang hamster in my head), but if a few people can benefit from my positive attitude & jack of all master of none knowledge – either by reading me or speaking to me in person, I have fulfilled my agenda.

Now, if I could just weasel my way to a column in the Times-Picayune, maybe a morning talk show on TV or radio, world domination….better get my house clean instead! School starts Friday!!!
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  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like you are doing very well and settling into Louisiana livin’ just fine. I enjoy reading your blog because it is the non-locals who I’d think would cut and run in short order. But you see all the wonderfulness we have to offer even when we sometimes don’t see it ourselves.

    Keep up the good work!

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