Well…you best go somewhere else…..go on…..go read sensationalized headlines. Go get spoon-fed articles from so-called “experts” on New Orleans and the flood prevention goals of the city. Nothing ticks me off more than people taking everything they read in print (or on the puter) as the Gospel. Bat Boy is a fictional character folks! Go listen to people’s stories of helplessness and hopelessness that will drain your half-full glass faster than you can say leveesdotorg.

I am no cold- beeeotch. You’ll have to trust me on that. I am not a rocket scientist, I am a concerned citizen who has more than six-degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon (sounded cool in my brain – not sure it makes total sense) and can stand back and take in a clear picture of the state of Lousiana and the city of New Orleans. I see things as moving forward – not backwards. I am an eternal optimist (and that isn’t a bad thing). I am sure I will be slammed with the: but she is new here, but she lives on the Northshore, but she has ties to the Corps, when I dare challenge the experts. Oh well, I’m a big girl & I can take it.

The Time & National Geographic articles harm every single resident in the state of Louisiana (you know which ones I am referring to). But, nobody speaks up and says, “hey…things are getting better here, we are making progress, our city has a new approach to flood protection that is awesome.” Instead these articles intended to feed on human emotions and despair while continuing the cycle of mainstream media (MSM) gloom & doom.

If you want to keep buying negativity – you best not return here. If you want another angle with common sense and optimism – well – come back and tell all your friends!

I came to Louisiana to make a difference here, raise my family and have a great quality of life. Sorry experts and reporters of despair, you will be steam-rolled over by “Greta.” Never having been one to be a follower of anything or being told “can’t” and accepting it, I will continue my life-mission – be positive. Remember – this attitude can be more positive than TB (and that is a good thing).
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  1. Hey, if nothing else the Time story makes it clear that New Orleans was destroyed by government incompetence and not Hurricane Katrina. You can’t lay that on individual engineers, but there sure are some ranking people in the Corps who’s careers in the military should be over and their careers in prison just beginning.

    Hopefully due to “ties to the Corps” cited above, that will you are still reading. I am not an optimist. I spent several years in project management and software testing, so I typically assume that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. And I’m still here. Hell, I *moved* here after the storm with wife and children. And here is Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Mid-City within sight of the head end of the Orleans Canal.

    Still, we could use some optimists around here. So, welcome.

  2. You may not even be more than six-degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon

    You know me, and my Home Health nurse has a sister that works (I think in makeup) in Hollywood, so three degrees gets you into the movie community in Hollywood

  3. Mark is typical of most New Orleanians who find comfort in asserting that Katrina was a man-made disaster, with all fault resting on the Corps. Do your homework folks. Start by reading the independent ASCE review of the Corps IPET investigations at http://www.asce.org/pressroom/news/display_press.cfm?uid=3390. Mike Grunwald of Time has a long-standing hatred of the Corps – Hell, he’s built a career out of it. Check the agendas of the MSM and the Leveesdotorg crowd.

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