This story about clowns being banned from making balloon animals caught my attention immediately today. Not only because I have a “clown phobia” (can you say John Wayne Gacey?) but because I have a severe latex allergy too. I have written about my allergy a bunch on my other blog. Not only to draw awareness to this problem, but because there have been a few soldiers who developed the allergy while on active duty. This also brings up peanut allergies as well -major problem for many – esp. soldiers & kids.

3 Replies to “Latex Allergy”

  1. OMG. You bleached your hair!!! I swear I thought that was Laura Ingraham at first.

    I don’t agree with this story. First, the bubble thing. What the hell? PC run a muck. Second, a lot of people are allergic to a lot of things. “We always have the welfare of children at heart.” What about children who are allergic to certain foods? Does this grocery store remove those item off their shelves? Do we start banning everything to accommodate everyone? I understand that some allergies can be deadly, but where do we draw the line?

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