* Look what is growing in my backyard. Well technically it isn’t growing in my yard, but it hangs over my fence. Does this mean I get to eat the bananas? img_2115.JPG

*We went to GB’s Patio Bar & Grill at 8117 Maple 861-0067 in the Riverbend area for lunch. For a change it was cool enough to sit outside and dine. It is basically a burger place with a veggie burger for me (yay). It was very good – but no children’s menu. 18% gratuity includes, family of 5 almost $60.

* Then we headed to the D Day National WWII Museum New Orleans.
If you haven’t been yet – GO. If you have been – GO AGAIN!!!
Sunday they have Swing concerts and dancing in the main lobby (I think that is free). It looked like a blast and the band was really good. Maybe when hubby finds his right foot we’ll go back (2 left feet for those of you that haven’t had enough coffee yet). The cost of the museum was $24 for 4 as hubby got in free. We spent three hours there and all I can say is this museum is world class. Unbelievable, so well done that I encourage EVERYONE in the world to come here and go to it. The kids were given a “find this” treasure hunt map and they had a blast finding all the stuff. My 9 & 11 yo were fascinated and my 7 yo daughter could have been done after and hour – but she persevered!

The exhibits were informative and absolutely fascinating. This museum is designed to hold your attention as you pass through the chronological order of events, you will have pictures, displays, press a button and hear a story, short movies with the longest being 7 minutes in beautiful little theaters and different types of floor movie screens that laid out the strategies of each battle and so much more. Trust me when I say that I am by no means a history buff. The “Idiots Guide” to US history is shelved in my library. Hubby on the other hand knows every stinking detail about war history (West Point grad 85) and the weaponry. But, we both enjoyed it equally and we all came away with so much. There was only one short film that cautioned that it may not be suitable for children – and we passed. This museum is not depressing, but thought provoking, informative and very educational for even the biggest history idiot. We are so fortunate and proud to be Americans!

*after the museum, we searched for an ice cream place. We saw Sophie’s Gelato on Magazine Street. We cozied up to the barstools and had: cookies and cream, Cajun cream cheese, & white chocolate cups of gelato. The gal working behind the counter was a doll and we may have found a new favorite place for a treat! You can sample the flavors first too.

* this was my first time going through the “shopping & dining” part of Magazine Street as I always head through St. Charles. I was salivating at the shopping – OMG can’t wait to really go explore when it cools off a little bit!!!
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  1. We have several bananna trees also. They don’t make every year. This year our minitured tree is blooming. I just took a few pictures yeaterday and it is so cute. Does not look like our large trees will produce anything this year

    Not sure is you have ever fooled with them, but right before the first frost if you will cut them down and bring them in and hang them up they will get ripe. It will take a while, so be patient. Your kids will enjoy watching them turn.

  2. I have wanted to visit Sophie’s Gelato, too. Although I haven’t had the chance to explore that area yet, I have been driving through it quite a bit to take my son to school and music auditions. I am also looking forward to cooler weather to check it out!

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