It was so difficult to beat of the press and the important people in town during the 2 year remembrance of “hurricane she who not be named.” Sure you expected me to have lunch with the President, share pictures and blog about it. Sorry to disappoint, I had to turn him down, had to tell “W” no can do, must get my hair colored to natural blonde and do laundry. He understood & we chatted for a while on the phone. He said he would pass my regrets on to Laura as well. As for Oprah, I screened her calls for the past month (she is as annoying as a telemarketer). Tucker was a real PITA too. I told him that I am not for “that kind of sale” and that he couldn’t afford me either. I did however, manage to squeeze in a little on-air phone chat with Andre’ today and my day was complete – she is good people.

OK, seriously, I tried to whore my debut vlog You Tube piece all over the freaking internet! You know, the internet that Al Gore invented. But I guess people were more interested in all the “real & professional” shows and columns done by hosts and writers who actually do this for a living. I thought the $200 a month paid me counted for something – sniff sniff. Oh yes – please e-mail and tell them I am worth way more than that (at least $201 as I have to pay $1 each month for the fax to send the invoice).

On a happy note, I must say that the pulse of almost everything I watched was very positive, hopeful and upbeat. I am pretty darn convinced that all major news networks and writers were infected by my positive slant on life! It’s all good in Louisiana (well not all – so let’s fix it & like Andre’ says “keep it in the public eye until it is fixed”)! Yep, I have officially dubbed myself “The Princess of Positive.” I need a new tiara!!!
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