I am a huge sushi fan – luv luv luv it. Anyways, I was really suspicious when hubby told me he would pick up the sushi on the way home from wok today (he has never offered before). I mean, I know all the good sushi restaurants in Mandeville, but none in New Orleans. He told me after he left the Corps of Engineer’s building today, he was making a brief stop at the 17th Street Canal site. We are on a budget, and time is money, but honestly honey – this is the “tightest” thing you have ever done. How could you think that killing a bunch of fish in the canal and then passing it off as sushi was a good way to save money? Seriously, is that all you do all day at the Corps – sit around and think of ways to kill fish so you can serve free sushi? Gah!
(picture from the Times Picayune file & cross-posted at NOLA.com)

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  1. My dear son-in-law loves to fish, but this is not fair play.
    Killing off those poor fishies & taking them home for sushi. Now I know why I won’t try raw fish. For shame on those engineers. Catch those poor little fishies fairly with a pole. Since I know your hubby Greta, there is absolutely no doubt that those fish were deliberately killed, not by the Corps. Of course something happened to them, & as yet that cause is undetermined or undisclosed. So, just being facetious. Love, Mom

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