* last day for me to register to run for Governor – guess I’ll pass for now & hold out for world domination!
* I counted 385 houses for sale in Mandeville today on Realtor.com. 143 of those were over 300K. 22 over 500K
* I think I’m going to be a Fred Head – jury is still out for me
* Facebook is as addicting as caffeine! Curse you Beth for luring me in! I’m “Greta Perry” and need more friends!!! Make me your friend today!!!
* I pretty much only have Tom as my friend at MySpace and never really liked it.
* Hope you all put your white shoes away- don’t be a Glamour Don’t!
* I want a Fair Tax!!!
* tune in Friday at 10:30 99.5 for the Jim Brown show where we’ll be talking about Soldiers’ Angels and 12:00 for Andre Trevigne forthe New Vieux (for at least an hour)!
* welcome Inspector General Cerasoli from my birthplace -Beantown. Trust me – you will like it here a wicked lot!
(c/p at NOLA.com)