OK – it is going to be a paraphrase because I can’t find the darn transcript on-line. I had Neil Cavuto on while I was scolding the Laundry Fairy today. He was interviewing, Kinky Friedman the Independent from Texas. Neil was asking him about the Presidential candidates. Kinky went through the list and actually made a bunch of sense (but that is another story). He said that Guiliani and McCain (and Hillary) were all leaders and that is what the Country needs right now. Then he said how well Guiliani did amidst the crisis of 9/11. He said his leadership pulled New York through it. Then, (this is where it gets good) he said imagine if Nagin and Guiliani had switched places? New York would still be a mess and New Orleans would be just fine.

Talk amongst yourselves!

Oh ya – tune it at 10:30 & again at noon today on 99.5 FM!!!
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