OK – I am that person who knows somebody and when I hear you know somebody – I will give you their name…I am always trying to connect people – just something I do. However, I have not tried to set “someone up with someone” in forever. So last week, I was doing my radio gig (won’t give you any more than that) and one of the guests was single and looking for love. Well, I said – give me some info and I’m sure I could get someone reputable from my blog audience (gosh I hope so). So here is the deal, I’m going to tell you about her and not attach a picture (but I have one). You reply in the comment section or e-mail me (intelligence test #1 – find my e-mail) and if you meet the criteria – maybe, just maybe, I’ll send you the info so you can meet her.

About: She is drop dead gorgeous (makes me want to hate her), SBF, very sweet and mellow, she is in her 30’s (that is enough info for now). She has children from her first marriage (2). She likes to listen to music, watch movies, work out, travel & most importantly laugh and enjoy life.

She is a professional and wishes for someone the same. She can carry on an intelligent conversation! No dolts or people living at home with their parents need apply! She prefers men over 6 feet – but that may be negotiable. Please no saggy pant wearers. Bonus points for background checks and paycheck stubs!


I have this friend Amy Dalton who I met through my blog. Let me tell you in my Boston accent, “she is wicked smaht.” There are some people you just like and can feel their positive energy, intelligence and drive right away. Well, she is one of them. She was a large paycheck earner BC (before children) and up until now has chosen to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). She would like to stay close to home on the Northshore and/or work from home. She is a web designer and so much more. This is one of those ladies who could do anything! So dangit – if you know someone who has a cousin who has a friend who is looking for a crackerjack employee – tell them. Resume furnished upon request.

Just messing with you – but $$$ would be nice. I organize houses & write, I can’t sing, dance or cook, but I can talk – that has to count for something?

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