No – I’m not trash talking anyone. I am truly talking about trash – the trash thrown out windows and left in parking lots. I finally know where Fat City is and the next time I go I better be eating at a fine restaurant. Yep, I picked 2 full bags of nasty stuff all by my little self, kids supervised after 5 minutes of labor. I did “pass” on picking up the blood-covered shirt that probably had a dead body around it somewhere. Also passed on a couple of syringes and was fortunate I didn’t run into any used condoms. Seriously – forget fines for littering, make people go pick up trash for a couple of hours. Yes, we brought 2 of our kids and I think they got the “littering is disgusting” concept! Well, maybe not the 7 yo who asked if she could throw her gum out the window afterwards. What was she thinking? Like we had ever done that before in our lives. And for the record – cigarette butts are the nastiest thing. The other groups got lots of yellow “Police Tape.” I think that may have had something to do with the bloody shirt – EWWWW! I think I get extra good-Doobie points for today.
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  1. Greta, This had to be a “before” photo. You all look so clean. How very gross it sounds – ugh! Told you to double glove. May never touch you again. Bet the 1st thing you did when you got home was shower with lots of soap. Should have taken photos of a pile of the crap you collected. But, am sure everyone has a good idea of the nastiness. Might be a good subject for one of your local artists. Good work!! When is the next cleanup? Love, Mom

  2. Just wondering where my 1st grandson is. He would never wiggle out of a community help. Must have been taking the photo. Love again

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