blog_lg.gifThese days it seems everyone wants to be a blogger. Or is it that bloggers want to be something they are not? Or is it that people are pressured into having a blog?

As a veteran blogger – nothing irks me more than a “dead blog.” I’m not talking about a blog that has been moved- I’m talking about one that is on the front page of an on-line publication like or The Dead Pelican and is virtually lifeless. When I started blogging 3 years ago, I vowed to post a minimum of 3 times a week. Now I can barely keep track of all my blogs or places I publish, but I do try to keep fresh content all the time for my audience. That is it, yes I write for an audience – you! My brain never shuts off, though it is more a “B” student brain, just above average intelligence and holds a Master’s Degree, I would never clump myself with the “pundits” of the blogosphere. I think I can get my thoughts of the “average” person across just fine. And that’s what matters to me.

Will blogging bring me fame and fortune? Probably not -regardless, I enjoy writing and reading blogs and can’t see that ever leaving me. I’m sure some days my husband would like to see me make more money from it, but he realizes how much I enjoy doing it – and by gosh – I am good at it or at least I am consistent (probably the latter)!!! Though I may embarrass him from time to time – he enjoys reading my posts when I hold the laptop screen to his eyes and dangle a beer behind it. Well his last boss read my blog daily and his current one is slowly getting into it. If I write it – I must stick by my guns and be ready for controversy – like it or not. If a blogger is not strong enough to debate – well don’t blog.

Do I worry something I write will come back and bite me in the ass? Not really, I am a good person, honest and you always know where you stand with me. I am the exact same person I am on my blog as I am in real life (which is probably not the norm). Some people are much more comfy sitting behind their puter and typing their thoughts than ever speaking them in public. Me – not so shy to blurt my annoying opinions publicly. Most of our friends know what gets me started and I usually give them the “don’t go there with me” warning before I shoot my mouth off.

What do I think about blogs that don’t allow comments? If you don’t allow comments, to me it is not a blog, it is a column – it doesn’t allow interaction from the peanut gallery at all. It just says – read it and move along. Me, I get my “high” from the discussions and/or personal e-mails or conversations I get stemming from what I write.

Maybe I blog because I have such a short-term memory. I have to blurt my thoughts out so I can have them for some type of record – I think.

What do I think about businesses or politicians with blogs? I think it is necessary in today’s pulse of society. But, if you have a blog set up because of “blog peer pressure” and you do not enjoy writing and reading other blogs – fugetaboutit – don’t even start!

Where do I think I will go with my blogging career? Well $200 a month and a couple of ads can barely be called a career. But it is who I am. I think if you cut me open there would be keyboards and blog addresses running around in there!

Is blogging here to stay? Only you – the audience can answer that!

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3 Replies to “Who wants to be a blogger?”

  1. Amen sistah! Well said and it is something I’ve been wanting to write about for some time but could never get it to sound “right” without sounding pompous or condescending. You did a great job here with the topic.

  2. I know I blog because I have a short mem….look, a shiny quarter!

    People should write because they enjoy it, and have something to say, no matter how minor, regardless of traffic or links.

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