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  1. Hi. ( I love this color purple.) I haven’t been reading back enough of your blog to know where you are from originally, but I’m glass your grass is green where you are!

    I lived in New Orleans till I was eight and then moved around a lot. I miss it. I went there this June to gut and build houses for a week, and when I got back here I had to go right back again for ten days in July!

    To me your grass is greener. I am a “positive princess” in a different way: I have been HIV+ since 1986, and have lived in San Francisco the last 13 years for the healthcare. San Francisco has been very kind to me (straight woman), but where you are made me remember what “home” feels like. And now I am home sick too! I am seriously thinking about forfeiting my great doctors and researchers and moving there (which would be for good–I wouldn’t be able to afford to move back here, so it’s a big choice.) I would trade anti-virals for Snowballs any day! Who cares how long you live if you’re loving your life. (I say that not having children.) Everyone says that one of the benefits of living here is the weather, but I am always cold.

    We’ll see. I’m glad you are appreciating where you are as much as you do.

    Bonne chance.

    P.H.C. (= “Positive House caretaker”)

  2. PHC – you certainly would be very short on healt hcare here. But being happy in LA may also be your best medicine.I hope you make the best decision for you:)

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