Me, the Princess of Positive, feels just awful that the Saints lost last night. They were a speckle of inspiration for a state that has been kicked when it was down, then kicked again and again…and then a little more. Buck up little campers, it isn’t that bad and it ain’t over until….well it ain’t over. Now put those paper bags away and quit forgetting the “S” when you say “aints.” No white flag waving from the peanut gallery please!

Rally behind the home team and forget your armchair quarterbacking, show these boys you still believe in them. And while you are rallying behind a football team and showing them your undying support, don’t forget to support the boys and girls who are protecting your country. Yep, this is a plug for a charity that is near and dear to my heart. A charity for which I also organize this entire state in all my free time. Those “boys and girls” serving the country need your help too – Soldiers’ Angels will get your mind off the the boys in black and gold until next week.

The flag costs $12 and 100% of the proceeds ($5 per flag) will go directly back into Louisiana to support our soldiers. I have about 40 left right now at my house and the rest will be available at the Angel Store.
You can contact me at if you want to get involved!!!
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