The Dumb & Dumber bathroom skit never gets old. As much as I yell at my boys (and the big one who sleeps next to me) about NOT using potty humor, I must say that it is funny (don’t tell them I said that). Then I stumble across this headline on today, Bathroom Break is part of Jefferson Debate.” I shared this headline with my Cotillion friends for a Louisiana morning laugh and one of my Cotillion sisters later pointed me to the hysterical comment section. Warning – spit all contents out of mouth and take a potty break before reading!!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!!!!!

The Executioner says, “I think this is a piss poor excuse.”

Bobskunk says, “As much as it pains me to say it, “If he could not sh#%, you must acquit.” & “If he could not pee he must go free.”

xBIGxEASYx says, “Since he could not pi$$, you must dismiss.”

NOLA 21 says,”Oh please – with everything inappropriate he’s done, as if anybody is going to be concerned that poor little Billy Boy didn’t get to go tinkle when he needed to. Then again, I suppose it IS a bit more difficult to hold it for a while when one is as full of s#!t as he is……”
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