Spent some $ this week and also saved some (hubby– I shop to save money – makes perfect sense). I am an internet junkie and could do all my business on-line – but who does it help or hurt? One of my personal missions when we decided to move to Louisiana was to do my part to help attract other newcomers (realtors take notice), dispel rumors and pre-conceived notions about the area, plug the small businesses and local artists on my blog, spread my unwavering support of the military and of course -to entertain, make you laugh and make readers see things through positive eyes. I am a self-proclaimed freaking welcome wagon! Anyhoo – here a few plugs for businesses I feel worthy of you knowing about:

*HAIR: My hairdresser Rick Black at Salon Calais in Covington. He is a 5 star hairdresser and colorist at a Mercedes quality salon with Ford Tempo prices (I know – a cheesy analogy). And hey – if you say Greta sent you – you get $10 off! Woot Woot! (985)898-0233

*FOOD: The Loop Pizza Grillin Mandeville. I loved the Gorgonzola Walnut salad, the kids loved the pizza and hubby the grilled chicken sandwich. My only recommendation is that they move the low hanging lamp in front of the TV!

* HOME UPGRADES: We are updating the master bath first in our house. In the meantime doing little upgrades here and there and planning for an eventual kitchen upgrade. Having moved around so much prior to landing here permanently – this is the first time I have ever upgraded and renovated big time. For years I have been making folders with design ideas I like. Yay – time to put it to work! While at the hairdresser 2 months ago, I overheard Rick talking to a firefighter client who was having his home renovated. Long story short – I ended up with:

****Tile by Jim. Jim is one of those easy to get along with guys and seems to have made a good group for a support team (plumber, carpenter, electrician). Gosh I hope it works out. We are starting with the bathroom with Jim and hopefully he will end up laying down bamboo floors for us. I’ll give you his number – but I get first dibs on him!!! Jim Richards (985)789-3571 and try not to laugh too hard at his Wisconsin accent! Jim then sent me to

****Floor to Ceiling at 742 Florida Street in Mandeville. I will never again be sold on the idea that those big stores that hubby could spend all day poking around in, are the best and most inexpensive way to renovate your home – NOT! Emory Bradley is amazing and knows her stuff! She helped me pick out tile and then sent me to

****Pine Grove Electrical Supply in Mandeville. I bought a front entry light and an outdoor light that I absolutely loved! They have a HUGE selection of lighting, mirrors and all kinds of neat stuff to decorate and great prices! Bummer – they didn’t have a vanity I liked.

****Emory also sent me to Southland Plumbing Supply where Robin helped me pick out exactly what I was explaining to her that I wanted and gave me a very reasonable price! I picked out the vanities, medicine chest and bathtub all within an hour and it was painless and I didn’t leave with a headache!!! YAY!!!

Please tell them Greta sent you!
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  1. I love reading about your valuable experiences. Thank you for sharing. And if you want to talk to my husband about all the political choices he would be good to talk to! You can pick his brain over the phone this weekend. I think that would be best. Call me Sat. afternoon, Sun evening, or next week in the evening after 7pm.

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