Now that I have your attention (evil laugh inserted here)! Chad, owner of The Dead Pelican and Roger’s Rants and I share opposing views on how we would run a political campaign (I’ll let you draw your own conclusion – lol). Seriously, if I were a campaign strategist or campaign manager, I would only focus on the strengths and positive attributes of the candidate (I am The Princess of Positive after all). It is completely unnecessary for any campaign to get down-right ugly and belittle and poke fun of the other candidate. There are enough of us in the media who will do that (me included) for the sake of humor or making a point. There is so much negative crud in the world – why can’t a campaign be nice from beginning to end?

One of our inside family jokes (that you all know about now), is to make up stuff about politicians (my kids too). Here are a few random examples….you can fill in your own name for yucks!

____ hates babies!
____ believes that bribery and enticement are 2 different things.
____’s mother wears army boots in the shower.
____ has an imaginary friend.
____ inhaled and continues to inhale as we speak.
____ only eats tuna that has dolphin parts in it.
____ never recycles and often throws litter into the neighbor’s yard.
____ hates the Saints.
____ hates LSU.
____ requested that their campaign headquarters be at Hooters.

your turn!

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2 Replies to “Louisiana Candidate for Governor Kicks Small Dog”

  1. I’m with you, Greta. I would love to see a clean campaign in which only issues are discussed – not people. You might be interested in this Op-Ed. According to David Brooks it’s an unfortunate reality of American politics today.

    And so there are two kinds of politicians: those who become creatures of the process, and those who, like Pryce, resist and retain the capacity to be appalled by what they must do.

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