Wednesday night at our house is Kid Nation night (after homework, swim practice, getting ready for bed….). So, I am sitting around with my kiddos watching a group of kids try and campaign for their elections in Bonanza City. One kid despises the incumbent so much, he pulls the signs down with a pogo stick and tears them up. The little girl that made the signs goes and cries- that was sad.

The commercials running during this show are the finest of the nastiest Louisiana political commercials. You know, those last minute ones that are all about “don’t vote for that person because he smoked crack while playing video poker” ads. Oldest son asks, “how can they allow such nasty ads?” I have to tell him that sometimes grown-ups behave badly and maybe he should consider another career option other than politics.

I had to give you some more political slogans, like the ones from my former post (if you haven’t read it – you will laugh – promise)!

Bobby Jindal hates puppies

John George’s steals kids’ lunch money

Foster Campbell picks his nose when driving

Walter Boasso doesn’t put on clean underwear every day

Tony “G” smells his socks at the end of the day

Gosh – I could keep going with these all day (and laugh out loud). “Hypocrite” is such a lame thing to call another candidate. Next time let some kids do the negative campaigning for you. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I PERCEIVE ALL OF YOU WHEN YOU CHOOSE THIS APPROACH – A BUNCH OF MEAN KIDS – SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!! Now go out to recess and try not to get beat up by the playground bully!
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  1. Hello to the Princess of Positive and Queen of Angels, from the Left Coast of Kid Nation.

    Thank you so much for your commments!!!!

    I told Soldiers Angels I am concerned about the care package costs since I am low income. And I’ll be honest with whomever I’m assigned about that, and do the best I can. But thank you for your offer! And for letting me know about it.

    I hope your husband is OK.

    And thank you for the NOLA welcome, more than I can say. I understand saying, “Come back” to people who don’t already have NOLA-size problems of their own, but everyone I know there, or have met there this year, have been, like you, welcoming to me in a way that I never would have expected.

    So far the prospects are not looking good in a serious way health care-wise, but I’m still researching.

    And thank you for recommending my site.

    Happy politic-ing,

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