What may seem depressing or even tragic to one person may seem like an absolute scream to another person, especially if he has had between four and seven beers.
~Dave Barry~

Yes, it is true, once in a while the Princess of Positive can get a little down. You know, that life stuff: father sick, cat pukes on carpet, kids beat the tar out of each other, the bus Nazi calls you over to scold you about your child saying a bad word on the bus, evil nasty negative trolls comments on blogs…but I’m pretty darn resilient. And let’s not even talk about hormones – UGH!!! Take my uterus please….(sounds like an opening from a nightclub act). Really, the only thing that truly gets me down is a migraine. The 3 day drug cloud has just been lifted and I am back to the living again! Yay!!!

Well, tonight I got a more positive recharge than a whole prescription of Zoloft and a pot of coffee can do! And to make this analogy work better – let’s throw in a 6 pack of Abita beer. After swim practice, (I swim too) my daughter insisted we head to her school for “Literacy Night.” Thank goodness I could read the sign. Anyhoo, dragging my butt through Mandeville Elementary School thinking of all the other things I would rather be doing (like cutting my cuticles or sniffing glue) and I ran into a reader and her lovely family. I was actually watching her cute little girl run around and thinking – gosh – I wouldn’t have the energy for a 2 year old again – maybe a puppy or kitten – but not a 2 year old!

She asked me if I was Greta (almost afraid to answer that one sometimes). She told me that her hubby found my blog and that, yours truly, was part of the reason they moved here. WOW!!! I am the only blog that she reads and her kids could identify me from my blog picture (though I am not as blonde now) LOL! I tell you what, that is such a huge compliment and made me so happy, I may just keep blogging (ya-like I was really going to stop)! No seriously, just what I needed today – thanks!

And for all you nasty miserable commenters (who are few and far between), I have the perfect answer for censorship – DON’T READ MY BLOG!!! If I have time to get down from my ivory tower in Mandeville, I may just kick your butt! Because no matter what you say, I AM part of the “Greater New Orleans” area – so nananabooboo!!!!!!
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7 Replies to “Positive Recharge”

  1. WOW Greta! That is fantastic. You are on your way girlfriend, keep on keepin’ on! You are an inspiration to me as well. Thanks!

    Hey, what’s the job market like your way? 😉

  2. It was great meeting you Greta! It’s true, while trying to make our decision, we read so much negative stuff. My husband was excited about the job opportunity, so was really pleased to show me someone was happy here 🙂 We moved in June and really are enjoying Mandeville. We’ve followed your lead on restaurants and activities. We also need to do a master bathroom remodel and looking to start in January, so we’ll have to see how your guys do. Right now could use a referral for a general handyman (installing faucets and some light fixtures). Thanks for sharing your world with us . . . in such a positive light. Also, support those New Orleans Hornets . . . opening night October 31!! Had to do it 🙂

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