Yes folks, I wear many hats, but none like the picture below. No really, just to add to my silent vocal plan of world domination and laundry neglect, I have taken on the “non-paying” job as Louisiana’s Editor for Go ahead and play on it for a few – don’t be scared – this is easy technology. You will notice under states there is now a Louisiana option. You can then divide that into conservative, liberal, all or alphabetical. Then there is the tab on the right for Metroblogging and New Orleans is under there for now – it will eventually move to the state tab. If you click on any post title – it will take you to the blog too. Really, it is an honor to be part of such a cool project and I’m not just kissing butt (Dave Mastio rocks-subliminal pay Greta). Everyone knows how much I love blogging and since I like the “Easy” button or you could say “Lazy” button for reading blogs – this is the answer. You can even find my group on Cotillion sisters on there.

If you know of a missing blog or want your blog categorized differently – let me know Also, don’t forget that bloggers barely make enough to keep up their hosting costs – so please visit them when you can and click on their ads!!!

Also – if you link to BNN – let me know and you will move up higher up on the blogroll – hint hint! Tell all your friends about BNN!!!!!!!
not_castro8.jpg This picture was taken borrowed form here – please go read & laugh!
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