I’m not talking about Spanish either – se habla espanol (I lived in El Paso for 3 years). I’m talking about locally used words that I still haven’t the foggiest about. Last Friday, I had the honor of being a guest on the Eric Asher show again. If you listen to Eric, you know that Friday is the food and alcohol day in studio (though I think every day is food day). Not only did I feel like a total moron when Frank Stansbury from Glazer’s started talking about different types of alcohol and drinks that were completely foreign to this drinker whose usual choice is draft or bottle, domestic or import. Then Frank and a chef started talking about menus for upcoming events. OMG – I wanted to say, “where am I, who dropped me in France?” This is what a lot of people born and raised here forget, so many things, like the commonly used local words are foreign to transplants like me. I swear I learn something new every day here. I finally figured out that “Lagniappe” is not a town, next thing to find out….what is a second line and is there a first line?

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